Cleveland Photographer: The Martin Family

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What a fun family session! This was a Mother’s Day gift to get everyone together for photos and what a great idea that is! It’s always a good time to update and take more family photos together! It was also fun to get pictures of everyone all together and to divide the group up in many different ways. The Martin family (everyone involved) made this session so easy! The kiddos even did great and lasted a shockingly long time!

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Our session was during the morning of a VERY sunny summer – no overcast or even a single cloud in the sky. We made it work and found shady spots and did what we could. I still think their photos turned out really well with the crazy amount of sun we had. The gardens we went to were helpful in that they were big and there were a lot of options for various spaces to use.

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The other aspect that made this session work well was this family. You can obviously see from the photos that they have so much fun together and love each other well. I loved getting to see the cousins interact as well as siblings and brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc. I had such a great time with them and they put me at ease as their photographer. I loved getting to capture their family in more posed portraits as well as more candid moments. What a wonderful family to work with and I am thankful that they chose me to be their photographer!

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