Cleveland Photographer: Megan’s Senior Pictures

Cleveland Photographer_3744

I had such a great time meeting Megan and taking her senior pictures! We ended up going to David Fortier River Park in Olmsted Falls. It was a gorgeous and cool summer evening and the lighting was just the way I like it! The location was really pretty and had a variety of photo shoot options. There was the river running through the middle of it, a covered bridge that we didn’t end up finding how to get to, large rocks through the stream of the river, lots of trees and greenery, fences, steps, etc. So many great opportunities!

Cleveland Photographer_3745

Megan was so sweet and very laid back! We got along so well and laughed most of the time. Megan is headed off to Ohio University (GO BOBCATS!) and so we had a lot to talk about as far as that goes. I of course told her about some of my favorite spots such as Donkey Coffee, Big Mama’s, Casa Nueva, the college green in general, all of the hills, old dorms I lived in, and more. ┬áMegan wore a really cute long sun dress to begin with. and then changed into shorts and a short sleeved shirt when we went down by the water. We even got a few pictures right at the end of her in the Cavs Championship T-shirt! I love that we got those! It has been such a big year for Cleveland!

Cleveland Photographer_3746

Overall, Megan’s senior session was only 30 minutes so it didn’t last long, but we had a lot of fun along the way! Hope you are have an awesome time at OU, Megan!! Congratulations!!!

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