Cleveland Photographer: John & Casey’s Engagement


I was SO excited to be asked to take some surprise photos for a couple getting engaged. It was a beautiful summer morning at dawn and I got there pretty early to be sure that I didn’t miss anything (I really was SO excited)! The sweet couple was going on a run and John was planning to propose on the East 9th Pier. I loved getting to take some pictures of the Cleveland sunrise while waiting for them to appear!


I saw them running toward the pier from a distance and tried to stay out of the way and make myself blend in. John proposed right in front of the new Cleveland sign and of course Casey said “YES!” I am so happy for this sweet couple! We didn’t have a ton of time after because unfortonately Casey had to get back soon to get ready for work (not sure how you work right after you get engaged though). We did have a little bit of time to take a couple photos of the couple – after I revealed that I had been there the whole time! Congratulations again to John & Casey!! I wish nothing but the best for you two and am so excited for you!


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