Cleveland Photographer: The Zahniser Family Fall Minis

What a fun mini session with the Zahniser family! These boys were making me laugh pretty hard the whole time! I asked them what I could yell out when taking their photos to make them laugh and the things they came up with just had the rest of us laughing. I’m glad the youngest, Ben, was able to crack some smiles too because of his older brothers. He was resisting it in the beginning, but I don’t think he could hold back any longer once they got to him!

It was clear that this family has a lot of fun together! I love the different combinations of family members we did… some of the whole family, some of just the boys (I love that one!), some with just mom and one son at a time, and of course Mom and Dad together! I love it when parents take the time to allow me to get some photos of just the two of them! It’s always nice to update family photos, but photos of just a married couple are important too!! I had a great time taking your fall family photos – thanks for making me laugh and keeping it easy on me Zahniser’s!

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