Cleveland Photographer: The Surovy Family

I had so much fun with the Surovy family during their fall session! Right away the oldest son, Desmond, was so friendly and made me feel so welcome! Trudy, the youngest, was also very sweet, but not quite as outgoing as her brother. Together they made a great duo! We had a wonderfully overcast day for photos, which is always nice because then you can do wherever you’d like. We were down in the metro parks near Westpark off of Hogsback Lane – one of my favorite spots in Cleveland for fall photos!

The family was so sweet together and you can tell that they enjoy spending time together. Not only that, but how cute are their outfits? I couldn’t believe how well they were all coordinated! They looked great together which made it easy on me. Some of my favorite photos of the family are when the kids were running around, when Desmond was checking out the dandelions and trying to show them to Trudy, and when the family was talking or laughing together while looking at each other. Those are the real moments that I hope to capture every time! I am glad we got some good portraits of the family looking and smiling together which is always nice as well! Thanks for such a fun and easy going fall session, Surovy Family!!

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