Cleveland Photographer: The Macek Family

I’m so excited to share the Macek Family’s session! Stephanie, the cute girl in the yellow sweater, has been a good friend we met here through our church’s small group. She has always been very open with sharing about her Dad and his battle with cancer for a while now. As a photographer, I get the privilege of capturing moments for people, couples, and families that unfortunately won’t last forever. So with thoughtfulness and prayer I felt like the Lord was nudging me to drive to Pittsburgh and offer a session for this family. Let me tell you, I am so glad I listened, followed through, and that Stephanie and her family were open to the idea as well! I had a great time meeting everyone and spending some time behind the camera with them all.

We had a beautiful, but cold November day for the session and went to a park in the Pittsburgh area. The Macek family is made up of Mom & Dad and FIVE sisters! Goodness I can’t imagine having five girls or four sisters! I’m sure there are a lot of great stories that everyone could share!

Just spending a little bit of time with the family it is obvious that they have a lot of fun together and are pretty hilarious as well. We did a lot of photos made up of different people, making sure to get all combinations. My main focus was to make sure the girls got a lot of photos with their Dad and that Mama Macek got some good ones with him as well! I think we accomplished that goal and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for a great time in Pittsburgh, Macek Family!!

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