Cleveland Photographer: The Grodell Family + Newborn Novella

The Grodell Family & Newborn Session was so fun! When I got to their house I took my camera out right away and starting taking photos of whatever was going on – whether they were really ‘ready’ for me or not. Some of my favorites are of the two Pauls playing. There were a lot of power bombs happening and it made not only young Paul laugh, but me as well. I had to share some of the photos from that. Father and son playing can be so much fun! I got some great shots of Paul with his Mom, Bethany, too, a few of which I really adore (see in the three collages below)!

I love doing newborn lifestyle sessions and capturing all of those little details. I love the photos of the close-up on Paul’s hands on his new daughter, Novella’s, hand or how she was holding his finger in her own tiny hand. Seeing Paul with his new daughter was precious – dads and daughters are always a favorite to observe together! I love the taking photos of a Mama with her new babe and the incredible bond that they already share together as well. Can you even handle the one (below) of Novella looking up at Beth while they are both smiling so big at each other?!? Oh the sweetness!

I really appreciate that the Grodell Family was open to the idea of me taking more lifestyle type photos along with some portraits, too. My favorites are definitely the lifestyle ones – where you don’t have to be looking perfect or smiling perfectly  at the camera. The ones where real life moments are actually happening. I think having a two year old makes it more likely that a lifestyle type of session is going to happen anyway. I just can’t get enough of the photos of them laughing together, or the way they look at each other. It is so clear that there is a lot of joy, laughter, and love in this family. Thank you for such a great session, Grodell’s, and for being some open to being real and sharing those moments with me and my camera!

  1. Paul Grodell says:

    We had a blast. Thanks, Ali!

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