Cleveland Photographer: The Wlodyka Family

One of my favorite parts of families choosing a package newborn session is that I get to see the babies grow throughout their first year of life! The Wlodyka session was perfect for family photos, just in time for Christmas I may add, but also for doing Cameron’s 6 month photos! We started out at the cutest little downtown area in Dublin, which was decorated so perfectly for the season! It was early in the morning so it was VERY cold, but we made it for a couple photos in a short amount of time. Then we moved to the Wlodyka family’s house for a few indoors so we could all warm up!

Next, I took a few photos in the backyard with the classic red sled that Luke (and sort of Cameron) loved riding in (even if there wasn’t any snow on the ground, ha) and of Charlie and Jamie as well! I love it when families allow me to do photos of just the parents! It’s so rare that couples update photos of just the two of them (not including selfies or phone photos) so it’s always great when we make it happen during a family session! Some of the photos from the morning are portrait as well as lifestyle, which is more my favorite! Of course I love the ones where the family is looking at each other, laughing, where you can really see their connection, joy, and love! I had such a great time with this family and was so glad to see how much Cameron has grown since her newborn session! Thanks for all of the smiles and laughs Wlodyka Family!

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