Cleveland Photographer: The Johnson Family

I had a great time during the Johnson Family’s Mini Session! What a perfect session to get some updated family photos and get some ready for Christmas cards too! We had an overcast and cold December day for photos, but a mini session made it perfect to be outside for a short time! The overcast part was fine by me since the sun wasn’t in the way of any photos and went well with our location and the chilly month as well. I love the natural setting we were in and the gorgeous boken that came with so many of the photos!

The Johnson Family was so easy to work with! I loved getting some of the kids, Nolan and Emma, together! As you can see some of the photos are more candid of the two of them – my favorite being the one at the top of both of the collages where you can tell they’re definitely real siblings! Below┬áis a nice one of them as well – you have to appreciate it when kids their age are willing to work with you!

I also appreciate that Wendy and Glen both took time for me to take some photos of just the two of them as well. It was fun to get different shots of everyone and I enjoyed taking the ones of the girls together and the guys together too! It’s fun even when kids are older to get those mother/daughter and father/son photos! Of course the family photos were the highlight though and I’m so glad we got so many good ones! Thanks for a great mini session, Johnson Family!

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