Cleveland Photographer: The Craver Family

I met the sweet Craver family of three at Lakewood Park! It was actually raining when our time started, but luckily it stopped and even though it was completely overcast, we got some great images! We stopped by downtown Cleveland’s skyline to start out our session together!

Next we walked along the path by the water and stopped to get some of Carsten and his Dad, Sean. They were having so much fun together and you could tell they spent their time laughing with each other a lot!

I love getting images of Moms with their kids because let’s be real – they are usually the one taking all the pictures! Natalie had such a sweet bond with Carsten and you could so easily see the love!!

Every four year old loves this game, right? The rest of the walk down to the Solstice Steps was completed with one, two, three, JUMP! (weeeee!)

I love the Solstice Steps that Lakewood Park added not too long ago! They make a great place for families to sit together for sessions (and just in general) and look out over Lake Erie. We had to, of course, make our way here and stop as well!

My favorite photos from this session were these (above) when all three of them cuddled up together!!! Who doesn’t want images of your family loving on each other?!? These were the sweetest by far!

And of course if a little boy is going to kiss his Mama I will get that image EVERY TIME! I had so much fun with this family – and not only taking their photos, but also talking with them along the way and getting to know them! And by the time it was the end of the session the sun came out too!

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