Cleveland Photographer: The Blogna Sisters

This was the first session I ever did of just two sisters together! I really enjoyed getting to know both girls, Ally (14) and Ellise (6) and of course their Mom, Michele, too!

It was a gorgeous day and the sun was shining!! We went to Rocky River Park to get a variety of types of location for the session! We started up at the top above the beach. I loved getting these photos of both girls individually with some backlighting and sunshine coming in through the trees behind them.

Also I couldn’t believe that Ally was only 14!! I almost thought we would be taking a few for her senior photos! She had such a great maturity to her!

I especially loved getting these two TOGETHER! You could tell they were sisters right away! We had a lot of fun getting into it and even doing quite a bit of dancing beforehand – Ellise was all about breaking down some moves! She had me laughing a lot of the session!

We walked down to the bigger grassy area and I took what I think is the widest shot I think I’ve ever taken of two people! I really love it though! The girls ran around some and next we headed to the beach!

Ellise was up first! I think she loved being able to get in the water for the session!! She was so full of fun and excitement!!

I love the way the images of Ally came out too! She is so gorgeous!!! I was glad to have Ellise and Michele behind me to get some real laughs out of her!

Next I got the girls together again! I love how timeless this image of them holding hands together looks – especially in black and white! One reason I love living in Cleveland is being so close to Lake Erie and of course getting to take advantage of it for sessions too!!

Thanks Blogna Sisters for such a fun session!! It was a beautiful day for you beautiful girls!

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