Cleveland Photographer: The Taylor Family & Newborn Ava

I love this family and was so glad I was able to capture some sweet moments for them! We were all so excited for Ava to join them as the sixth member of their family! With most newborn sessions I went to their house and we stayed inside where it was nice and cozy! It was fun seeing the family interact and getting some of those fun interactions with my camera. Sabrina, the second oldest was especially so great with Ava and all about helping and taking care of her! I’m so glad that they have a sweet sisterhood bond already! The boys were more about jumping around and just ‘being boys’ as you’ll see in some photos below…

Some of my favorite photos were of just Melody and Ava. Melody is one of the most peaceful people I know and is so calm with Ava and all three of her other children. She is patient and gentle and it is a truly beautiful thing! I love that I got a lot of time to photograph just the two of them. Not only for Melody’s sake, but for Ava’s as she grows.

Lastly, some of my other favorite photos were of the whole family – or some of the family – just being themselves. There was a lot of jumping on the bed, goofing off, tackling one another, wrestling, and more. I must say – I LOVED these moments! I am finding that I love it when families allow me to take actual lifestyle photos of them. Thank you Taylor Family for allowing me to do this, for being yourselves, and for looking a smiling sometimes too! You are a beautiful family and I’m very grateful to have been able to capture you all!

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