Cleveland Photographer: Shaker Heights Family Outdoor Home Session

I wanted to showcase an at home session from last summer that was done outdoors. This session was with a lovely family who lives in Shaker Heights. They wanted to do some photos outside of their home as well as on a walk around their street. We decided to do these very early in the morning (shortly after sunrise in the summer) to get some pretty light and because of this the street was also empty and quiet. I honestly love so many of these images – most of the ones of just capturing them in their own element, doing something that they do just about every day (go on a walk together) . I also got some in their front and back yard as well and even with this little guy playing with some of his toys. These may seem like insignificant moments, but this is what I love to document – they tell a story for this family and are now a keepsake of this exact time in their lives. I cannot emphasize it enough – I LOVED THIS SESSION!

I HIGHLY recommend a front/backyard session this summer. School is out. The air is warm. Everyone is ready to relax and play. I truly love in-home sessions, but with covid I am only working outdoors. This is the perfect way to still be at home and make new memories in the places you already live in and love. Another bonus is that no one else will be in your yard other than you – no need to worry about random people in the background or getting in the way or trying to stay 6 feet away from others. Another great thing is you have everything you need right there! If your kid needs a snack, you can run in the house, if you get your clothes all dirty, do a quick change, etc. No need to pack anything up. There is so much ease to being at home!

If you are interested in booking a session head over to my contact page to get started! I can’t wait to take beautiful photos of you at home! In the meantime, scroll down to see some of my favorites from this session below!

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