Cleveland Photographer: 2016 Wrap Up & Favorites!

I attempted to get some of my favorites from 2016 on this post – which let me tell you is much easier said than done. There were so many more clients this year and so many photos that I’m absolutely in love with! I’m thankful that Alison Nicole Photography has grown over the past year and I hope to see even more growth for 2017 (after maternity leave that is)! The seniors, couples, families, babies, etc. that I’ve been able to work with this year have been so wonderful and so easy to photograph!

My absolute favorite is seeing the connection that couples, families, parents, moms/dads with their babes or kiddos share. The laughter, joy, and realness of life (however simple or chaotic it may be) are what I love to capture. I’m learning more and more how much I enjoy lifestyle photography, although I do still like portraits as well. It can be so hard to feel natural in front of a camera (& photographer), but I am so glad my clients end up feeling that way. Getting those real life – true moment shots mean so much to me!

What a year it’s been! I thought 2016 was great and I am so thankful for the people, couples, families, babies, etc. that I’ve been able to photograph!! I never thought I would be so lucky to be able to do a job like this while also staying home with my little one. I want to take this time to send a big SHOUT OUT to my husband who works so hard for our family so that I can be a full time mom and a part time photographer! He is so hard working and loves us well! We are lucky to have him!

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