Cleveland Photographer: The McDaniel Family

You better believe the McDaniel Family Session was super fun with little Charlotte! Even though it was a cold December day we made it out early in the morning for some photos at a local park. We all stayed pretty bundled up the whole time to keep warm and Charlotte did great! She kept us all laughing and entertained the whole time! Not only was Charlotte hilarious but also so sweet! Some of my favorite photos are the ones of her snuggled up with her mom or dad, but who couldn’t also love the photos of her with her arms wide open? No one told her to do that, it was all her!

I’m glad I was able to get a lot of candid, lifestyle shots of the family together. There’s nothing like documenting your time together doing what you would already be doing: having fun, being silly, and laughing! We did take a quick swinging break too and I love those photos as well! I think Charlotte made us all more comfortable with being goofy or just ourselves during the session. I can always appreciate that about kids! Thanks for such a fun time, McDaniel Family! I love how the photos turned out!!



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