Cleveland Photographer: Metropark Family Lifestyle Session

This family photography session took place last year and I just love it so much. We decided to use one of Cleveland’s beautiful metro parks for this sunrise golden hour session. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were – when I got there I saw that the field was covered in fog – beautiful fog!! I was so happy with the images I got when the sun was coming up! It was just glorious, the light with the fog was just surreal! There is also a beautiful area near the river right behind the field that we were able to go to and use as well. I just loved capturing all the sweet moments with this family!

This family was dressed beautifully and the boys were as sweet as can be! I love the print of Mama’s dress and the texture in the youngest boy’s outfit. I loved capturing moments that I did not prompt such as one of the boys unexpectedly running to his Mama, all the snuggles and kisses and hugs, and even little details like baby feet in the river. I loved that they were so good about being in the moment together and not super focused on looking at me and smiling all the time. I really wanted to capture them as they are the best I could.

If you area interested in more information about a family session like this click HERE. If you’d like to begin the booking process for a family session (or not a family session, as I serve other clients as well), please fill out my contact form by clicking HERE. If you’d just like to view other family sessions around the Cleveland area go ahead and click HERE. Now I can’t wait to share some of my favorite images from this family session – there are a lot as the family, moments, and location were all so wonderful! Enjoy scrolling through them below!!

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